AI Dreams

Generative AI is a category of artificial intelligence that can be used to create synthetic imagery, audio, text and other forms of data. In particular, the generation of text in response to human provided prompts has the potential to be used for worldbuilding. At the beginning of 2023 the performance was only sufficient to be used to generate a broad overview of the world but this will likely change as the technology develops further.

To illustrate this potential several AI-generated worlds have been created with minimal human interaction. This section of the Multiverse contains a summary of each of these AI-generated worlds with a link for further information. Since they had minimal human involvement they are not assumed to be in the same universe as any of the other worlds.


I’m interested in science-fiction world building. Can you describe a tidally locked planet orbiting a red dwarf upon which alien life has evolved?

Helios is a tidally locked planet, orbiting a red dwarf with one hemisphere in perpetual sunlight and the other in perpetual darkness. Distinct clades of life have formed in each hemisphere from the thermosynthetic thermoids on the hot side to the cavern dwelling troglobites on the cold side.


I’m interested in science-fiction worldbuilding. Can you describe an icy exoplanet where alien life lives?

Kyrok orbits a distant star in the outer reaches of its solar system. The planet is primarily composed of water ice, with a thin atmosphere of mostly nitrogen and methane. Small organisms called Kryophites live in the ice and are the primary food source for the large amphibious Kyrokians and the mobile worm-like Kryovores.