I have a lot of worldbuilding ideas rattling around in my head. Unfortunately, since this isn’t my day job I definitely don’t have time to develop them all. However, to inspire other people I thought I would provide brief descriptions of my Multiverse.

These ideas focus on concepts relating to science and technology, as that is the purpose of this blog. This covers various genres including: science-fiction, science-fantasy, fantasy, space opera, sword and planet, planetary romance, steampunk, new weird and any other subgenres that seem appropriate. For convenience they are grouped into a few different categories, though with much more focus on some categories than others.


The first universe is Exordium which is a science-fiction universe set many years in the future. As the name suggests, this was the original introductory universe for this blog but it also represents the beginning of humanity’s expansion into the wider cosmos.

  • Exoplanets and astrophysics
  • Speculative evolution and astrobiology
  • Interstellar colonisation and the future of humanity


In contrast, Paracosm is a science-fantasy world that does not resemble the real world. Myriad planes, with different environments and inhabitants, drift in the Aether. Travel between them is possible for those with the appropriate arcane knowledge and technology.

  • Alternative physics of fantasy worlds
  • Fantasy biology and ecosystems
  • Technology based on magic or historical principles

AI Dreams

As an experiment I have dabbled with generative AI to perform some basic worldbuilding. At present (2023) the capabilities are insufficient to do this fully automatically and there are also several unresolved legal issues too. AI Dreams will therefore just include the standalone results of these experiments.

  • AI cartography
  • AI image generation
  • AI text generation


The final category of Ephemera covers all the “What if?” scenarios that do not fit into any other universe. These are ad-hoc standalone examples used to illustrate a point though it’s possible I might flesh them out at a future point depending on the thoughts that go through my head.

  • Seed world evolution
  • Time travel
  • Anything else!