YouTube: Which planets in fiction could really exist?

As a slight interlude from technical posts, I thought I would recommend some YouTube videos I came across recently. These videos (produced by a pair of scientists) discuss the feasibility of various planets in fictional universes.

I’m sure that people interested in exoplanet world building must be familiar with at least one of the Star Wars*, Marvel* or Warhammer 40,000* universes. If so, it is worth watching these videos as they discuss real scientific concepts in conjunction with various alien worlds covering a range of properties. Obviously some planets are more plausible than others but the discussion is certainly informative.

Could planets from Star Wars really exist?

Which Marvel Cinematic Universe planets could really exist?

Which planets in Warhammer 40,000 could really exist?

Part 1: Terra to Tanith

Part 2: Cadia to Mars

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