YouTube: Life Beyond III

Following on from my previous post about Life Beyond I and Life Beyond II, the final instalment has been published by Melodysheep. These videos are a great source of audio/visual inspiration for worldbuilding in the science fiction genre.

This third video, entitled In Search of Giants, concentrates on alien technological civilisations and not just the mere existence of aliens. It mentions the current Breakthrough Listen project which links it to the present day search for alien intelligence which has not yet been successful. The use of lasers, neutrinos or even gravity waves are also mentioned as possible methods of interstellar communication which may be useful inspiration for building science-fiction worlds.

In summary, it is definitely worth watching to boost creative inspiration for fictional worldbuilding but keep in mind the following quote when wondering whether or not intelligent alien life actually exists in reality.

We know now there are something like ten billion trillion habitable planets in the universe.

melodysheep, Life Beyond III

Life Beyond III: In Search of Giants

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