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Another well known YouTube channel of relevance to worldbuilding comes from Biblaridion. It covers constructed languages (conlangs), speculative evolution and other topics. I can definitely recommend subscribing to this channel.

I’m not going to discuss conlangs further at this point as they are not really my thing. I’m a scientist not a linguist! However, if you are interested in that sort of thing I’ve been informed they are worth watching.

In contrast, I have watched the ongoing Alien Biospheres series and they are very informative for speculative evolution purposes. The episodes cover the evolution of life on the planet Tira. This includes a phylogenetic tree that expands in every episode as life adapts to various changes on the planet. At present there are 12 episodes which cover the following subjects:

  1. Planet
  2. Early life and body plans
  3. Cladistics and ecology
  4. The invasion of land
  5. Terrestrial diversity and ecology
  6. The open plains
  7. Return to the water
  8. Adaptations to climate
  9. Tropical rainforest
  10. Allopatry
  11. Islands
  12. Sociality and cooperation

On a different subject, in November last year Biblaridion released a video introducing a fantasy world called Refugium. This world is a flat surface illuminated by static sun floating 1000 km above the surface. This produces a lit circular region surrounded by gloom. The equivalent of night is produced by a circle of five moons which orbit the sun and cast shadows across some of the lit region.

I find this particularly relevant because it is an example of a fantasy world that is not possible in real life. Exploring the implications of such an arrangement is an interesting task. What other “impossible” worlds can be imagined?

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