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You may have noticed in the previous article on Biblaridion’s YouTube channel that the first episode was created in partnership with Artifexian. His channel is also very well known for both worldbuilding and conlangs so is also highly recommended.

Just like Biblaridion’s videos, I have only watched Artifexian’s worldbuilding videos. Artifexian’s focus is on high level overviews of physical features of the real world. This includes videos about stars, planets and moons along with those on atmospheres, oceans and rivers on the planets.

Artifexian’s videos are definitely good for gaining an understanding of the real world and this is important for science-fiction worldbuilding. For fantasy worlds it can be useful though there is no need to stick rigidly to real world physics. Diverging from this is basically the entire point of the fantasy genre after all.

Perhaps the closest to a fantastic world was the video on flat planets (and a second follow up video). These are of course basically impossible in the real world unless you think an Alderson Disk megastructure is possible. Unfortunately, the video was dominated by criticising flat Earthers. Instead, it could have explored the interesting implications of a flat world, if one could exist. This sort of alternative physics doesn’t feature on Artifiexian’s channel though.

It’s well worth subscribing to Artifexian’s channel to watch his videos on worldbuilding. This is especially true if you need maps of your world to be realistic and use the same physics and geography as on Earth.

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